Sony Music


Keeping staff well informed during a company relocation.


Sony Music was relocating UK and international staff in London from two offices into a brand new, custom designed space in Kensington. The company was looking for internal communications support to ensure staff remained well informed during the process.


Meetings were held with each department and label head to understand their communication needs and logistical requirements. Hey Jupiter oversaw the launch of a website devoted to the new space that reflected the look and feel of the contemporary office environment. The website focused as a communications hub which supported the needs of the human resources, facilities and information technology groups responsible for the relocation, along with the building architects. The site also offered updates to all staff on key news surrounding the relocation, along with all the vital information needed on the new building and surrounding neighbourhood.


The website became the homepage for the current company Intranet with useful information regularly accessed by all staff members. Feedback from employees and senior management was positive throughout the entire relocation process. Hey Jupiter returned to oversee broader internal communications initiatives at a later date including the launch of a new company intranet.

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