At Hey Jupiter, we know that every client’s requirements are very different. We are your partner in applying our comprehensive range of services and developing tailored solutions with the most effective tactics.

Media & Influencer Relations

Hey Jupiter will target the widest variety of influential stakeholders, establishing connections and managing perceptions with crafted and honed messaging.  We have strong contacts with both traditional and digital media.  We can also target other relevant business constituents such as analysts, investors, distributors, sponsors and marketing partners.

Executive Communications

Hey Jupiter offers complete support and the widest range of communications requirements for executives. We identify and secure key speaking platforms at industry conferences and collaborate directly with executives to develop key messages, prepare presentations and case studies, write speeches and produce visual aids if required.

Content Creation

At Hey Jupiter we understand that the medium must always fit the message. We place great emphasis on developing and delivering high quality, creative content. As well as top quality audiovisual content for digital media and creatively directing photography, we can create materials including press releases, fact sheets, timelines, biographies, brochures and newsletters.

Corporate Responsibility

Hey Jupiter believes that effective, meaningful corporate responsibility programmes are an incredibly important part of any business. We can work with you to develop strategies that help your organisation engage with communities, customers and employees and set your company apart from its competitors.

Talent Relations

Hey Jupiter has extensive experience partnering with a wide range of talent from the television, film and music industries to create meaningful strategic partnerships. This includes initiatives related to international press junkets, red carpet premieres, Q&A sessions, VIP events, client-related activities and hospitality.

Special Events

We can create events of all sizes for you, your media targets and your VIP guests. We have extensive experience in hospitality and event work, from concept development and planning, venue selection, budgeting and logistics to accreditation, staffing and all technical requirements.

Brand Building

Hey Jupiter has worked with some of the world’s largest, most respected brands. We have a real understanding of how effective communication can underpin and enhance the very fabric of a brand. Utilising research, competitive analysis and product differentiation, we can assist in defining your brand’s identity, pinpointing its target audiences and business partners, assessing any risks and ultimately creating the strongest identity.

Internal Communications

Hey Jupiter is uniquely experienced in creating effective company-wide internal communications programmes. We can work with you to support a diverse range of initiatives – communicating business objectives, boosting employee morale and supporting the business throughout times of change. Whether it’s a restructure, leadership transition, merger or acquisition, we will develop and deliver the right messages using the most effective channels.